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18startup equips aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills to transform their ideas into investable ventures, making them capable of success.

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Who is an 18startup Entrepreneur?

Strong business acumenExecution abilitiesDriving by innovation

Strong business acumen

Execution abilities

Highly networked individual

Driven by innovation

Why 18startup?

With founder-led learning, hands-on mentorship, and a vibrant community, we transform your journey into a powerhouse of skills.

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  • Stuck in the ideation Stage
  • No Mentorship/Guidance
  • No Market Connections
  • No Prototype/MVP
  • No Investor Connections


  • Get into execution mode
  • Access to domain experts
  • Get possible market connections
  • Build prototype with tech credits
  • Access to investors/investments

Explore our Programs

Startup Fellowship

Dive into a 14-week intensive startup program where you take your startup idea from the ideation stage to execution.

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Startup Fellowship

Startup Bootcamp

Join us for the 4 days inclusive bootcamp in Goa, where you meet amazing startup folks like you.

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Startup Bootcamps

Startup Events

Dive into interactive startup events, where you get connected with like-minded people across India.

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Startup Events

Our community entrepreneurs come from

IIT KharagpurBITS Pilani HydNIT TirchyChristUnivMallaReddyJNTUHVITSRMISBRVBITIAREMLRCMRViacomIIM BangloreIIT KharagpurBITS Pilani HydNIT TirchyChristUnivMallaReddyJNTUHVITSRMISBRVBITIAREMLRCMRViacomIIM Banglore

Our Approach

Don't worry we are with you, we help you in turning passion into practical skills and fostering your evolution into confident startup builders.

Experiential Learning

We believe in execution, which leads to the success of your startup

Founder-Led Learning

Vibrant Community


Impact so far

18startup is on a mission to impact 1,00,000 entrepreneurs. We are on a journey to empower college students and first-time startup founders to learn while building a startup.






Entrepreneurs Impacted




Startup events


Startup Events

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I'm not a student, can I apply?

Yes, we believe that an entrepreneur should resemble a student who is continuously open to learning and consistently striving to improve. If you are a first-time startup founder or a student entrepreneur, you can apply for the fellowship.

What is the structure of the fellowship program?

1 Week bootcamp in Goa + 13 Weeks online program.

Can I join the fellowship, without coming to bootcamp?

No. The bootcamp is themed around self discovery and founding team discovery. We believe that these are foundational skills that need personal interaction for effective grasping.

What is the fees for the fellowship?

The Fellowship Course fee is Rs. 20,000/- exclusive of taxes.

What is the fees for bootcamp?

The Bootcamp participation fee is currently Rs. 10,000/- exclusive of taxes.

How do I apply for financial aid?

You will be automatically assessed for the aid if selected for the fellowship.

What is the nature of financial aid?

We have 2 options for financial aid:
  1. Need-based scholarship for economically challenged students. This is provided by entrepreneurs who have instituted grants for helping promote entrepreneurship. If the candidate has merit and will not be able to join only because they cannot afford the fees, they shall be supported partially by such grants.
  2. Staggered payment: The candidates have the option of paying the fees as below
    1. Rs. 10,000/- at the time of admission
    2. Rs. 6,000/- at the end of bootcamp
    3. Rs. 5,000/- at the end of 4th session